SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Content Marketing for Letting / Estate Agents – The Ultimate Guide

This 5 min 40 second video tells you everything you need to know about Content marketing for estate agents and letting agents.

In a nutshell .. content marketing for estate agents and letting agents is a two stage technique where you write (stage 1) articles about the local property market (house prices, rents, yields etc) then deliver (stage 2) them to the homeowners and landlords of your town, using newspapers, newsletters, Rightmove, social media, video, blogs etc… MAKING THOSE LOCAL HOMEOWNERS AND LANDLORDS ATTRACTED TO YOU

In terms of the writing of the articles .. you have four choices

(1) Teach yourself how to write the articles yourself
(2) Be taught how to write the articles
(3) Have the articles ghostwritten for you
(4) Do nothing

If you want to know the sort articles you should be writing .. have a loo at these examples .. (where you will also see examples of newspaper editorials and PDF newsletters … )

So … have a look .. enjoy and any questions – ask and post here!
…. and if you want to find out more .. here are some suggestions ..
* 12 videos on Landlord farming
* 250 articles on landlord farming
* Want to listen to more about the ideas I mention? Listen to the UK’s first iTunes approved Podcast for Letting Agents, a podcast on how to improve your lettings agency.

Finally ..Got something on your mind? I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic – please leave a comment, talk about being trained or having articles ghostwritten for you or if you are shy, email me at [email protected]

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One thought on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Content Marketing for Letting / Estate Agents – The Ultimate Guide

  1. I totally agree with the state of TV ad spend. Gary Vee talks about this at great length. Put your ad spend where the attention already is, not where you think it is or should be.

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