SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors – Ask Carrot #1

We’re talking about Facebook ads for real estate investors, How to stand out from other real estate investors using the same marketing tools, All about “lead stacking” and more all on Ask Carrot episode #1.

4:43 “How can I make the transition from part-time investor to full-time investor?”

12:07 Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors: “What to do when my campaigns are getting clicks but no conversions? How can I measure ads attribution for my FB campaigns?”

22:52 “With a lot of other investors using Carrot sites, How will I stand out if there is a lot of “Carrot competition?”

34:39 ​”I want SEO to be the only marketing I do. What should I be doing daily to help with that?”

47:19 “How much funding do I need once I purchase a Carrot plan to consistently generate motivated leads each month?”

1:00:41 “Is having the same blog content as other investors or customers bad for my site? If so, what can I change in the duplicate content?”

1:10:34 “Trevor, I’m new to sales working from carrot platform.. how much sales training vs. action is it best to take? Perhaps practice each day for an hour before going out [drilling, practice]?”

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