SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Getting Your First Deal Done + A Tip To Double Your Assignment Fees With Tom Krol

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In this first CarrotCast episode, we sat down with entrepreneur and owner of Wholesaling Inc., Tom Krol

Tom discusses what it takes to build a strong real estate wholesaler marketing plan to generate revenue fast. Including Getting Your First Deal Done + A Tip To Double Your Assignment Fees.

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29 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Getting Your First Deal Done + A Tip To Double Your Assignment Fees With Tom Krol

  1. I really like you, Tom! You are truly a gift to me and to anyone in this business! I was feeling a little sad about being in wholesaling for 8 months now and with no deals. I have a few handicaps like having no car to get around and having no money to do the mailings and bandit signs like most people can do. Your talk helped remind me to be thankful for the talents God has given me, by the way which actually goes great with this business, and for my work situation. I"m grateful to God for this opportunity. I actually work from home and have been doing so for 18 years now. I have the time to do a lot of this wholesaling work during the time when most people are working outside their home. I'll end by saying, my cup is "half full" and I am counting my blessings as I push forward to my 1st deal! I know it's coming! Thanks for your inspiration. I"ll be checking out your YouTube videos on a regular basis.

  2. So I was at my cousin's birthday party and started talking to a man who lived a couple houses down the street. He told me that the house next door is owned by a man who is retiring soon and wants to sell his house. He told me that the house is in very bad shape and needs a lot of work. It is in a great neighborhood.
    I never wholesaled before and don't know what I'm doing. So could someone tell me if I should pursue this house and how I should go about doing it. Thank you.

  3. I have the list of all cash buyers in the United States. I'm charging 75$ for each county. Please contact me as I will send you 2 for free to prove my worth to you. After that 75$ per request. These are cash buyers in the past 6 months these are hot buyers right NOW

  4. He might be down to earth,but he's just like all the others – trying to sell you something. Don't do it, he got my cuz. Everyone is trying to do this, deals aren't there. You will be on your own, my cuz is out of 1000 dollars a month and nothing. Cause she got the money from me and can't pay me back. People fall prey and people like this is around the corner. This stuff is on the internet for free.

  5. Superb podcast. The bit about taking the mindset that you have to get a deal done as ransom for your kidnapped children is priceless. What a great way to create the urgency you need to maintain focus! Love it!

  6. I like the talk about "positive mindset" and overcoming the fear of things like spending money on marketing. Those things are real obstacles to any new entrepreneurs.

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