SEO For Estate Agents Tip: How To Get Free Real Estate Leads Off Of Twitter On Autopilot (Takes 2 Steps)

You kind of have to go back to the website for this video:

Get ready to learn when the coolest real estate lead generating tips I’ve ever shown! This is seriously a way to get an email everytime someone on Twitter says something about buying or selling real estate.

You’ll literally be the first to know! In the video, I show you a tweet that was sent 3 days ago. A guy said he was moving to a MAJOR city in the US. And no one replied!

Come on realtors! I’m showing you how to setup a system that automatically emails you everytime someone says something like this. Starting using Twitter for your business today!

Get the free leads!

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26 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: How To Get Free Real Estate Leads Off Of Twitter On Autopilot (Takes 2 Steps)

  1. Hi, this is an awesome video but unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working for me. Please see the msg below that I sent to IFTTT. Meanwhile, can you help me with this? "I am trying to set up a Twitter Trigger. However, the screen is sort of grayed out and won't allow me to activate any triggers?? I went to the Twitter page. I clicked "more". I then went down to the section titled TRIGGERS. I then tried to click on "new tweet from search". However, it is u-nclickable. There does not seem to be a hyperlink to click there. I want to set up a trigger that sends me a notification every time someone on Twitter tweets a particular phrase. Can you please help me do this or is something currently wrong with the site that accounts for why the text in this section doesn't have hyperlinks to set up a trigger at this time?"

    Thank you,

  2. Awesome! I had heard of IFTTT but never created an account and set it up until now. WOW, the applications are endless! I'll test out the search for a while and then possible even use IFTTT to automate a response to these tweets. Just don't want to lose the personal touch. Thanks Tyler!

  3. Yes, I did it within 5 minutes, I hope it works. I didn't see any tweets that really pertained to them really needing someone to help them move, waiting, also I do wonder what other key words can I use. This was really neat. Thanks

  4. This is amazing! I am going to do this RIGHT NOW! Genius… Why didn't I think of that?!? I also love your tip on the article "How To Create a Real Estate Facebook Page in 5 Minutes" about un-branded pages. It's so simple, yet so good!

  5. Awesome video, I've shared it to my Twitter followers who might like real estate leads. However, as to me, I'm in a different business. I'm confused what to search. I'm looking for people interested to start hosting webinars and advertising on Facebook. What would you recommend?

  6. Awesome tip Tyler!! Will use this one for all my clients.  Fingers crossed.  I had done something similar with Mention, but that cost money.  Love IFTTT.  I have a lot to learn about its capabilities though. Thanks again!

  7. This was great! I live in a rural area so I need more that one city/area.  Do I have to set these all up by individual recipes? Or is there a way to add more AND…than just one?
    I am anxious to try this out as it will appeal to the young first time home buyers. 

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