SEO For Estate Agents Tip: How To Talk To A Motivated House Seller + Getting Your First Deal Closed w/ Brian Evans

Full Show Notes:

Trevor is joined by Brian Evans, real estate investor, and owner of The First Deal. The First Deal focuses on helping new investors close their first deal or their first 100 deals.

Check out this conversation with Brian about…

– His crazy journey into real estate investing.
– How hard it can be to be an entrepreneur.
– Mindset shifts for new investors and why they are so important.
– Tips to find motivated house sellers.
– How new investors can build credibility.

And …so much more! Enjoy 🙂

9:00 – Brian’s path to real estate investing. From working in the Trump Tower on Wall Street to now running his very successful business.
9:30 – Why he chose to basically work for “free” to learn the real estate industry.
10:45 – Being an entrepreneur is hard. Follow your gut.
15:12 – The difference between the people who succeed vs. the ones who don’t.
18:20 – The #1 hardest thing for new investors to do.
19:46 – How to build credibility if you are a new investor.
23:40 – Building relationships with realtors to generate a referral pipeline.
24:08 – For a new investor, how many sellers do you need to talk to before getting your first deal closed?
30:35 – Why Brian teaches building confidence in order to hurdle any obstacle.
34:55 – What he does when something goes wacky in the middle of a transaction. And, a couple of good and bad stories.
46:25 – What legacy Brian wants to leave and how his business fuels that.

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7 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: How To Talk To A Motivated House Seller + Getting Your First Deal Closed w/ Brian Evans

  1. Indeed! This is one of the best interviews on this business I've heard! I do resonate with everything Brian talked about. I headed right over to his channel and subscribed.

  2. I love what I'm hearing and went to Brian's website. His website works and he was able to capture my name and email but his webinar page is down. The way Brian talked on this podcast I assume he is a man of his word and not just capturing my info and giving nothing in return, a little misleading if the webinar is not still active. Hopefully it is a simple technical difficulty.

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