SEO For Estate Agents Tip: My Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired Real Estate Career! – Inman Connect Speech


Gary Vaynerchuk inman! It changed my Real Estate Career and the way I do Real Estate Marketing.

Back in 2013 I I completely changes the way I ran by Real Estate career. I got off the same hamster wheel every other Real Estate Agents was running on and I looked for the white space.

I had become the “Digital Mayor” of my city. A “Media Company, Real Estate Agent”.

Yes every agent around me though I was crazy but I must admit they were all paying VERY CLOSE attention to what I was doing.

The future of Real Estate is not learning scripts, knowing how to hard sell, being the “closing machine”, begging for referrals etc…

My only regret (and I don’t have many) is: I wish I followed my gut feeling and started running my Real Estate Business like a business with the approach I’m doing now.








Inman Connect Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | 2016:

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24 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: My Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired Real Estate Career! – Inman Connect Speech

  1. Can you please walk me through how being the digital mayor leads to more home sales? No one ever answers the question. Ok so I interview the restaurant and post a video? And? How does that = getting sales?

  2. Yes yes!!! I tried Zillow who coached pure crap. I started my own way and recently found Peter Lorimer who mentioned Gary Vee. I’m a few months into “providing value” and “being the content” and I’m already see ten times the response!

  3. Many thanks Sebastian for interpreting the great words of Gary V! Great content and well delivered! I look foward to looking into your past and present work. Thanks! Same should go for RE investor would you agree??

  4. I agree about everything regarding Gary and becoming a media company first. Really everything to do with video. However your point of view on cold calling or prospecting in general I heavily disagree with. My new belief is that the agent who does all the Gary V stuff and all the mike ferry stuff (I'm guessing that the coaching your referring to) is who will dominate. You don't think Gary or any of his companies has a sales team who follow up on leads? There will always be fsbo, expireds etc that truly do need an aggressive sales person with a proven plan vs the agent who only does passive response marketing. Being a brokerage owner myself that teaches through the mfo system I find that the agents who cold call give the best service, sell the most homes, and get the best reviews (which means their bringing value). I think for your personality type which seems to be amiable (just guessing) that you just weren't taught the prospecting system the way you needed to see it. And simply wasn't willing to do it. Drivers and expressive's are natural realtors, while analytical and amiable have to see things differently to be successful. And there's more to just cold calling those leads you can simply call homeowners all over town and if they don't have a real estate need you set them up into your vlogging real estate world via Fb, YouTube, email, etc.
    The agent or team who dominates prospecting all lead sources, has amazing office energy, does video on real market info, locations, trends, area life, neighborhoods etc and vlogs all of it will be who is most respected and who dominates. Gary V is awesome, after coming across his stuff I with out a doubt will be making some great new changes regarding video. Just my 2 cents. thanks for the great video. Btw do you use a particular company to edit your vids or what software do you use?

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