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Real Geeks is the brainchild of Jeff Manson. A real estate broker located in Hawaii he was tired of buying real estate websites that wouldn’t generate leads. Real Geeks was born. This video reviews the real geek’s website templates as they appeared in late 2017. I discuss who makes these websites, recap their effectiveness as a component of your real estate marketing strategies and hypothesize on the future of real geeks since Jeff sold the company in the latter part of 2017 to Fidelity National Mortgage.

I also review Jeff Manson’s historical role with Real Geeks and the fact that he sold the company in July of 2017.

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0:19 What type of website does Real Geeks provide?
1:22 Who builds these websites?
2:26 Company leadership/ Who owns Real Geeks?
3:49 My previous review of Easy Agent Pro vs Real Geeks
4:04 How much did I earn using Real Geeks?
6:34 What you need to know about using Ads for your website
8:28 Jeff Mason’s YouTube videos
10:09 In my opinion, what changes would the new owner make to Real Geeks

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