SEO For Estate Agents Tip: 💀 RIP Real Estate Postcards! 💀 Mark Zuckerberg's 10X Cheaper Way To Farm For Real Estate Leads

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#EAPTV: Are you still farming real estate with postcard? Cut that out!

You can get cheaper farming with Facebook video. In this EAPTV episode, I show you exactly how to use Facebook video to get more leads.


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15 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: 💀 RIP Real Estate Postcards! 💀 Mark Zuckerberg's 10X Cheaper Way To Farm For Real Estate Leads

  1. Totally wrong info postcards are not dead they actually work better right now. Do you know what the conversation rate is online leads to farming or postcards. Please don’t mislead people.

  2. I’m sorry but everybody is not on Facebook. Direct mail is talking directly to the potential seller. It’s 10 times cheaper because it is not proven to be effective yet. It can be helpful yes but better then postcards? You guys are killing me.

  3. It is 1 thing to get leads from Facebook the other is deals! Zillow and Trulia get leads not many deals. please do a video on how you are converting. Thank you,

  4. The best way to promote your business today is craigslist live ads posting as the time have shifted to digitisation. To gain more visit us at. skypeat:freeadposter

  5. The only thing you didn't mention is production cost? I wonder if you guys did a week of video on a cell phone, how would it look, and how well would it perform?

  6. I like this…but the one statistic not mentioned is the click ratio? How many times are the same people in that specific area thats being targeted, clicking on the ad?
    I'll use my self as an example, I see ads all the time on FB. But once I see it, I'm not clicking on it again and again and again, thats just a waste of my time. So knowing the click or play ratio is important.

  7. This is cool, but as far as your call to action, wouldn't it be better to have a link for them to click on which would capture their email and/or phone # so you could contact them that way?

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