SEO For Estate Agents Tip: SEO/Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent who wants more FREE traffic from Google, this video will walk you through a few powerful tips on how I get clients started ranking for relevant SEO keyword terms that can drive traffic to their website.


Is it a waste land with tumbleweeds blowing around or is it a hive of activity and LOTS of enquiries from potential clients?

Whether you’re an individual selling agent, or you own/run an agency, one opportunity a LOT of you are missing out on is getting leads (& clients) from people doing a simple search in Google for something to do with real estate.

Whether they want to find a real estate agent in your area, or they want to find a home to buy or have questions about the current state of the real estate market in your patch, if you are not providing the answers online for them, you are missing out on a FREE potential lead!

Now, of course, you could run some Google ads for people searching for ‘real estate agent X’ (where X is your suburb or farm area, but every time someone clicks on your ad, it costs you money.

Maybe 10c, maybe $1.23 or maybe even $11.42 per click – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it costs you money EVERY TIME your ad is clicked on, forever more.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love google ads. I first started working with them back in 2003 or 2004 and have managed literally $10-$15 million in ad spend on Google over the last (nearly) 14 years, but when you can also get clicks for free, why wouldn’t you also be chasing them.

Pay for some, get the rest for free! Best of both worlds IMO.

In fact, do a great job of the free stuff and you might not need to pay for the clicks!

So, how do you get these free clicks?

It’s simple. You create and publish content online about anything real estate related in your area.

Text content is a great place to start, because Google understands text completely.

When someone does a search on Google for a topic, one of the first things google does is go into its database to find out which pages actually has content related to that topic. It then compiles a list of options it deems to be relevant to the search, ranks them from #1 to #whatever, and then publishes them for you & I look at and click on.

So the first step to getting found in google is to CREATE & publish content only.

So, start writing & publishing articles/blog posts/reviews etc on your website answering the questions people have about local real estate.

And as Google finds that content, you’ve got a chance of getting seen on the first page for some of the terms people are searching for.

Now, the chances of getting on page 1 for ‘real estate agent X’ is not high, unless there are no other agents working in your space. It takes time for content to rank in Google unless you can SEO the heck out of it, so if you aren’t doing that (in particular, getting people to link to your content pieces) then you’ll probably only show up on pg 12 or 28 of Google….

BUT there will be terms you could rank for fairly easily that are still relevant to your market, and if you get content up on those topics, then you’ve got a chance of being found with a google search and then having that person click through to your website and potentially contacting you.

Ex: It’s would be HARD to rank for “real estate joondalup” for example (21,700 exact match results), but if you had content published about “homes for sale joondalup golf course” (as 1 example), you would be 1 of only 2 non-ad listings for that exact match term right at the moment! And it’s EASY to rank for a term that has such low competition in Google!

Now, ranking for “homes for sale joondalup golf course” might not be of huge value to you if you don’t have any homes on or near the golf course for sale, but that’s just 1 simple example or which you could easily find 100+ if you did some research.

So how do you find these keywords that people are searching for? How do you know WHAT topics to create content for, beyond a few basics? Could you come up with a list of 100, 200, 300, even 500 different topics to publish content about your local suburb, so that Google gives preference to your site when searchers are looking for information?

If you want to know the QUICKEST & EASIEST way I know how to compile such a list (for free, in about 10-15 seconds!), then watch this video to learn more. Plus I give you a bonus gift (my easy, cheap, fast way to create large amounts of text content for just such a task as I described above.) No, you do NOT need to be writing 24x7x365 to produce all this content. My way is much quicker and easier, and PERFECT for those of you who hate writing! 🙂

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