SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Should You Even Bother With SEO As A Real Estate Agent?

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Now before we even dive into the most common myths surrounding real estate SEO we need to address something very important.

Is real estate SEO even worth it for real estate agents?

YES!!! It really is! The biggest argument we see in opposition of this is that it’s too time-consuming without enough of a payoff. That just isn’t even remotely true. Admittedly real estate SEO is a LONGTERM game. I think the biggest issue is most agents don’t like the idea of investing time into a strategy that won’t pay off in the first month.

I can assure you though, we have plenty of clients who are doing very well with real estate SEO. They have taken the time to build out their content base and now they are bringing in sustainable traffic and quality leads FOR FREE. SEO provides you with some of the highest quality leads available online.

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