SEO For Estate Agents Tip: The Complete Guide To Real Estate Websites

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****Complete Guide To Real Estate Websites****
***The 3 Ways To Get Leads***

#1) Content
1:15 Blogs:
1:30 Do They Matter?
2:30 How Do You See Success?
6:42 Case Studies
7:18 Sharing Them On Social Media

8:30 Social Media:
How it impacts your success
9:30 What Networks You Need To Be On
10:44 How To Automate (And what not to automate)
One Website; One Facebook
14:00 Testimonials
15:00 Scheduling Pages
16:04 Instant Texting
CRM Integrations
Landing Pages

17:30 #2) SEO / Google
Title: Best Purple Oaks Homes
Keyword used 1-10 times
YouTube videos
What’s A Keyword
Picking the right keywords
Setting Up Farming Pages For Your Keywords
Site Linking
Google Webmasters
Google Analytics

27:00 #3) Ads
Facebook Vs Google
Paying To Be On Local Sites
Types Of Ads
Branding vs Lead Capture
Landing Pages
Why You need to use landing pages for ads
Facebook Ad examples (Link To Case Study Videos)
Setting Up A Facebook Ad (Link To Complete Facebook Guide)
Click Link Below for complete guide to facebook ads
How Ads Fit into a healthy marketing mix

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48 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: The Complete Guide To Real Estate Websites

  1. Tyler, thanks for all your valuable insights for real estate website. You are right on target. How or what did you use to make your simple user-friendly "Scheduling Landing Pages"

  2. Great video Tyler! I appreciate the strategic element. Would you describe this as more of a long term list building strategy vs. short term lead gen strategy. If so, would you suggest only attempting to collect first name and email address to maximize conversions and grow the list as rapidly and inexpensively as possible vs. attempting to collect name, email and phone number? Also, if this is more of a list building strategy, what % of ad spend would you suggest applying towards list building vs. short term lead gen?

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